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27 of 30 OIPA-supported candidates win office

November 07, 2018
Of the 30 candidates OIPA-OKOGA supported for election to the Oklahoma Senate and House of Representatives this cycle, 27 won the support of their constituents and will be sworn into office for the 57th Legislature in January.
OIPA-OKOGA also supported a number of statewide candidates who won and will be serving the people of the state beginning in 2019 — Gov.-elect Kevin Stitt, Lt. Gov.-elect Matt Pinnell and returning Attorney General Mike Hunter.
The Nov. 7 elections ushered in a Republican supermajority in the Oklahoma House of Representatives and saw Senate and House Democrats gain seats in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metros, while Republicans flipped several formerly Democratic seats in rural areas.  
The legislative candidates OIPA-OKOGA supported were:

House of Representatives

Speaker Charles McCall, Dist. 22, W
Rep. Jon Echols, Dist. 90, W
Rep. Avery Frix, Dist. 13, W
Rep. Chris Kannady, Dist. 91, W
Rep. Mark Lepak, Dist. 9, W
Rep. Ryan Martinez, Dist. 39, W
Rep. Lewis Moore, Dist. 96, W
Rep. Terry O’Donnell, Dist. 23, W
Rep. Mike Osburn, Dist. 81, W
Rep. Kevin West, Dist. 54, W
Rep. Tammy West, Dist. 84, W
First-time candidates
Rusty Cornwell, Dist. 6, W
Jim Grego, Dist. 17, W
Brian Hill, Dist. 47, W
Lundy Kiger, Dist. 3, W
T.J. Marti, Dist. 75, W
Jason Reese, Dist. 83, L
Cynthia Roe, Dist. 42, W
Jay Steagall, Dist. 43, W
Judd Strom, Dist. 10, W
Bryan Vinyard, Dist. 46, L


Sen. Mark Allen, Dist. 4, W
Sen. Stephanie Bice, Dist. 22, W
Sen. Kim David, Dist. 18, W
First-time candidates
David Bullard, Dist. 6, W
John Haste, Dist. 36, W
Chuck Hall, Dist. 20, W
Brent Howard, Dist. 38, W
John Symcox, Dist. 30, L
Darrell Weaver, Dist. 24, W
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