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WellCaddie joins OIPA Partners Program

July 30, 2018
For the first time, OIPA is bringing in an equipment technology company to be part of the association’s Partners Program.

The Partners Program gives OIPA members exclusive discounts on a variety of business services, from insurance to digital security. Now the roster includes WellCaddie, an Oklahoma-based company that provides digital wellsite monitoring to measure, analyze and predict injection and disposal well flow and pressure, compressor pressures, plunger lift pressures and flow back operations.

Through the OIPA Partners Program, OIPA members receive an exclusive discount on the WellCaddie FC 1000 meter.

WellCaddie was founded to be a platform that independent operators can use to manage their assets. The company is run by operators, for operators, and WellCaddie’s equipment is manufactured and assembled right here in Oklahoma.

“This is the kind of service we’ve been hoping to bring into the Partners Program for some time,” said OIPA Manager of Safety and Benefits Phil Browder. “This is really a one-of-a-kind service in this market, and the discounts they’re offering to OIPA members make it even more attractive.”

WellCaddie takes data from a well and puts it online so it can be viewed in the office by someone who can make decisions when they need to be made, not when it’s too late.

WellCaddie’s founders are operators — CEO Bradd Schwartz of Bradley Oil Company and COO Greg Hall of Greg Hall Oil & Gas. Rounding out the executive team are VP of Corporate Development Steve Cromwell of SDL Energy Corporation, CFO Frank Naifeh of Naifeh & Associates, VP of Sales Thompson Speir of Speir Compression, along with the inventor, developer and Chief Technology Officer Caleb Atchley.

“We were having the same pain that every operator has — not knowing what information was out there at the well site,” Schwartz said.

The founders had a few requirements for the technology: It had to be simple, repeatable and affordable. It should apply to a one-well application as well as to 100. It should not require any special computing, hardware or software or additional employees. It would not require a huge front-end capital investment. Users would be able to scale it incrementally.

The technology has a number of oilfield applications and has drawn interest from the water industry, agriculture, milling and refrigeration.

“Everyone was doing a piece of the puzzle,” said Atchley, who designed the software. “We want the whole thing. We have to provide, from one end to the other, everything the customer needs.

“You can’t afford an engineering team if you’ve only got 10 wells. We want to be your engineering team.”

Companies that use WellCaddie see a 20-30 percent increase in efficiency, Atchley said.
The technology is not just for the next generation that does everything on a mobile device, Hall said.

“The ease of use makes us ideal for the older generation,” he said. “In the future, there will be two types of companies: Those that measure and monitor, and those that go out of business.”
The founders emphasized the technology’s ease of use and adaptability.

“If you can log in to Facebook, you can log in to WellCaddie,” Atchley said.

WellCaddie joined OIPA’s Partners Program because OIPA members are the company’s core constituency, Hall said.

 “These are people we know,” he said. “We know what their world’s like, because they’re just like us. There are some bigger than us, and some smaller, and we can be of benefit to all of them.”

To learn more about the exclusive discount for OIPA members, go to the Contact pages at

To learn more about the OIPA Partners Program and what other exclusive discounts are available to OIPA members from our partners ADP, Alias Forensics, BITCO Insurance Companies, BlueCross BlueShield, US Fleet Tracking and Worldwide Facilities, contact OIPA’s Phil Browder at 405-601-2838 or
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