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OIPA hands out Camaro at Wildcatters On Wheels

May 10, 2017
We sold 700 tickets, but it only took one to win the 1967 Chevy Camaro OIPA auctioned off as part of the first-ever Wildcatters On Wheels Car Show on May 9.

Jeremiah Henson, with Engage Management in Denver, bought two tickets the day of the show — one for himself and one for a friend.

He had the opportunity to take a check for $25,000 instead of the car, but did not hesitate to choose the fully restored Camaro SS.

About 200 members of OIPA’s Wildcatters PAC, raffle ticket buyers and owners who put their cars on display were on hand at Sundance Airport in west Oklahoma City for the show.

Raffle tickets were sold to individuals in nine states, including as far away as Washington.

About 30 cars — along with four aircraft brought down from Wichita by Textron Aviation — were on display.

The car show is part of OIPA’s ongoing efforts to spread awareness of the Wildcatters PAC. PAC donations allow the OIPA to make an impact above and beyond the abilities of individual members. These donations put OIPA into state and federal races, and have made the association the predominant energy industry political player in the state.

The car show also allowed OIPA members and friends to come together at a new event — emphasizing the fact OIPA is made up of individuals at all levels of the oil and natural gas industry and associated businesses.

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