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QuickGuide hits 1,000-copy milestone

October 03, 2016
The OIPA’s HSE QuickGuide Oil and Natural Gas Field Reference is fast approaching a milestone — a complete sell-out of its first printing. The QG went into print in 2014 has sold more than 1,000 copies to date, putting vital knowledge into the hands of oil and natural gas workers.

“There are 1,000 people out there working more safely because of this book,” OIPA Manager of Safety and Benefits Phil Browder said. “Our mission is to get copies of the QuickGuide into the hands of every person who needs it.”

To mark the book’s anniversary, OIPA is offering the QuickGuide at the reduced price of $25, more than one-third off the regular price. As always, OIPA pays the shipping costs, with no limit on quantity.

Genie Well Service’s Mike Stovall, the former OIPA Safety Committee chairman who worked on the concept of the QuickGuide for years, said the finished product is great.

“I see it as a great resource for smaller operators and producers to have a way they can very quickly analyze whether or not their employee is in bad trouble, a little trouble, or no trouble at all,” Stovall said

The guide is meant for members who want to provide their employees or contractors with access to important safety information written in everyday language. It was created by safety professionals using industry standards and best practices, and the information is presented in a way that is easy to understand.

The OIPA QuickGuide’s heavy-duty material is both water and oil resistant — made for use under any condition oil field workers may find themselves in. Its 147 pages are organized into five topics: Incident Response, Pre-Work Assessment, Health, Safety, and Environmental.

The information presented in this document is not unique. What is unique is how users access that information. It’s not presented in a chapter-and-verse design — subjects are grouped together by their common usage, and are separated by tabs for fast, efficient access.

“… We have used the section on ‘pre-work assessment’ and found it helpful and easy to use,” said T.J. Riley of The Bramlett Agency. “The fact that the OIPA was willing to invest in another way for us to make our employees safer and make it so affordable tells me they are serious about safety and I need to be too.”

Producers and service companies alike use the QuickGuide in almost equal measure. Exploration and production companies have bought 53 percent of the books sold, and to oilfield services companies account for 44 percent of sales. The average order size is four or five books. About 160 companies have purchased the QuickGuide, and 21 of those have ordered more than 10 copies.

“HOTCO purchased the Quickguide and placed a copy in every vehicle so all our field workers have a book they can use as a quick reference in the field,” said Paul Bell of HOTCO Oilfield Fishing and Rental Tools. “We find the QuickGuide to be very helpful, and the employees like the way the guide is formatted and easy to use. I think anyone that has not looked at the QuickGuide needs to review it and have your employees use it.”

“We started this thing out with an audacious goal — an initial run of 1,500 copies,” Browder said. “To be this close to selling out our initial run shows the demand there was for this book. And we know the need is still out there.”

The QuickGuide is not designed to replace a safety program, but scores of companies have used this manual to start building their program, or to make their existing program better.

For more information and to order,contact OIPA Manager of Safety and Benefits Phil Browder at 405-601-2839 or, or order at

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