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Washington Examiner: Greenhouse gases are down thank fracking

May 28, 2016
A recent editorial in the Washington Examiner hits the nail on the head about the dramatic reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in America over the past few years:

"The federal Energy Information Administration announced last week that as of 2015, the power generation industry, the largest contributor to American emissions, has reduced carbon dioxide emissions to 1993 levels, 21 percent below 2005 levels. This reduction, and a smaller reduction in emissions from motor vehicles, the U.S. has cut total emissions by 12 percent below 2005 as of last year, despite 15 percent growth in the economy.

"The same force that began this trend last decade will drive those levels down still further. What was that force? It wasn't the cap and trade bill that died in Congress early in Obama's term. It wasn't Obama's Clean Power Plan, which remains tied up in court and won't be implemented for some time.

"Rather, it was fracking. And fracking will continue to push carbon emissions much lower for years to come. ...

"The main reason for the drop in carbon emissions is that new low natural gas prices, driven by the fracking boom, made it a much more economical fuel than coal. And coal releases 2.5 times more carbon dioxide per unit of electricity than does natural gas."

Read the full story at the Washington Examiner.

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