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Natural gas makes gains in energy bill

May 24, 2010
TOPICS: Natural gas
Natural gas is on the minds of American lawmakers, with the recently unveiled American Power Act including incentives for increased natural gas use.

From the Fort Worth Business Press:

Among the most-appealing sections for natural gas proponents are incentives for fleet operators to incorporate more natural gas-fueled heavy-duty trucks, instead of diesel-powered vehicles. The bill also promotes “greater inclusion of natural gas and liquid petroleum gas powered vehicles in federal fleets,” according to the senators.

Furthermore, there are incentives for increased use of natural gas in the power sector; however, some critics argue the bill should go further to persuade electricity generators to shun coal for natural gas.

The president and CEO of America’s Natural Gas Alliance, comprised of many Barnett Shale operators, Regina Hopper said the organization looks forward to ensuring legislation “capitalizes on the vast potential” gas can offer power plants, industrial plans and vehicles.

“We appreciate the inclusion of language aimed at helping move toward the greater use of natural gas in merchant power generation and vehicles,” Hopper said. “While a useful starting point, we believe much more could be done right now to significantly reduce greenhouse gases and other pollutants by providing clean energy transition incentives to electric utilities as well.”

Hopper added that it is “established, scientific consensus that the United States has as much natural gas as Saudi Arabia has oil. We are the envy of the world for this resource. It is time we put it to greater use for our nation’s economy, environment and security,” according to a statement.
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