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Our Members

The OIPA was founded by independent oil and natural gas producers, and the majority of our membership is still comprised of independents, both large and small.

However, we are not just an association for producers and operators. Drilling contractors, service and supply company owners and managers, and royalty owners also comprise a significant percentage of our membership. Other members are attorneys, accountants, and other professionals whose livelihood is tied directly to the ultimate success of the energy producing sector.

To join today, click here. For more information about OIPA memberships, call the OIPA at 405-942-2334. To download an OIPA membership application, click here.

OIPA Membership Levels
Individual Membership
$500/year (1 member)

Corporate Membership
$450/year per member
(2 or more members)
Future Leaders
Reserved for members
35 and under - $250
Supporting Companies
OIPA Member Companies

Those who wish to be set apart on the basis of their generous contribution to the Association. These companies may opt to contribute at the various levels listed, receiving benefits commensurate with their contribution.

VISION  Customized price
Includes membership, sponsorship and advertising in the WellHead, Membership Directory and on the OIPA website. 

MEDALLION  Up to 20 Members - $15,000+/year
Includes Gold Member Sponsorship at Annual Meeting and Fall Conference. Additional individual memberships may be added to Medallion Level memberships.

Contact OIPA Vice President of External Affairs Avery Smith for more information.